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      1. Case > CASE


        Mainly engaged in design of automation detectors,customized non-standard devices,assembly testing
        lines,MEH integrated product and automation control system solutions,serving in automobile
        manufacturing,automobile part manufacturing,rubber,electronics,home appliances manufacturing,food,chemical and Li-batteries,etc.

        Automation testing device

        Vehicle gearbox ex-plant testing electrical loading testing stand

        Vehicle gearbox fatigue life and comprehensive performance testing stand

        Vehicle gearbox synchronizer testing stand

        Vehicle gearbox static torsion testing stand

        Vehicle automatic gearbox comprehensive performance testing stand

        Vehicle automatic gearbox shifting law testing stand

        Vehicle automatic gearbox planetary gear tessting stand

        Vehicle automatic gearbox electrical control valve tessting stand

        Vehicle automatic gearbox oil pump tessting stand

        Vehicle automatic gearbox speed regulating valve testing stand

        Vehicle automatic gearbox solenoid valve testing stand

        Vehicle gearbox clutch brake testing stand

        Hydraulic torque converter assembly testing stand

        Tractor gearbox ex-plant testing stand

        Vehicle rear-axle master reducer assembly testing stand

        Valve performance testing stand

        Water pump comprehensive performance testing stand

        Hydraulic element testing stand

        Customized non-standard equipment

        BF semi-automatic tire bead laminating machine

        Hydraulic torque converter assembly oil discharger

        Semi-automatic roller zero-shearing machine

        Bus bar plastic packaging machine

        Engine turning angle measuring machine

        Steel pipe weight and side length measuring machine

        Steel pipe automatic spraying device

        Screw machines,ppressing machines and pressing tools

        Assembly testing line

        Gearbox assembly testing line

        Oil pump assembly testing line

        Motor assembly testing line

        Material conveyance line

        Special intelligent material rack/position devices

        Air-tightness testing machine


         material mixer

        Various slurry mixers

        Powder vacuum conveyor

        Powder and slurry de-ironing separator

        Slurry filter

        Powder dryer and mixer

        Powder and liquid increase/decrease weighing device

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