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      1. Industrial Information Technology

        Industrial Information Technology

        Industries Involved
        Automobiles and parts,rubber,iron and steel,petrochemical,steel pipe,food,logistics and other industries.
        Project Content:
        1.Manufacturing Execution System(MES)
        2.Data acquisition,material tracking,quality tracking
        systems for intelligent Production Line
        3.Development and application of intelligent sensing,intelligent identification technology
        4.Display,call and comprehensive scheduling system for production
        5.Application software development for internet of things
        Case Studies
        JCOE longitudinal submerged arc welded pipe production management system
        [Main functions of MES syetem]
        With advanced technical means,informatization management in the whole manufacturing flow is realized.
        [Main content of MES syetem]
        Main content of MES syetem includes:steel pipe sales,raw material purchase,raw materials and finished product warehouse(including shipping),production processes,process design,quality design and management,data statistical analysis,information storage and query,etc.