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      1. Process Control

        Process Control

        Process Control
        Industries Involved
        Petrochemical,oil gas storage,electric power,glass,cement,water
        treatment,intelligent building and other control fields.including PLC,
        DCS,ESD and process instrument for detection and analysis,etc.
        Project Content
        1、Production control system(DCS/ESD)
        2、Process instrument for detection and analysis
        3、Instrument management system
        4、Safety Instrument System(SIS)
        5、AMS equipment management system

        Case Studies 1
        DCS for basic organic raw materials technological development
        engineering base industrialization project
        Hydrotreating unit Safety Instrument System(SIS)for
        Petrochemical subcompany(800 kt/year of gasoline and diesel oil production)
        Case Studies 2
        Desalted water station control system
        Demineralized water system network in this project adopts
        combined PC network system and programmable logic
        controller(PLC),the system network covers desalination
        water treatment system,water purification plant treatment
        system and other auxiliary subsystems,performs
        monitoring,remoteoperation and operation management
        of the above-mentioned workshops.The above-mentioned
        subsystems are controlled by respective PLC systems,and
        PLC cabinet is placed in control room of the workshops.
        Case Studies 3
        Building Automation System(BAS)Project
        Project name:
        Building Automation System(BAS) of 
        Engline and Vehicle Plant Project
        Project profile
        Scope:EPLAN design,procurement,integration,programming and 
        field commissioning of Building Automation System(BAS) 
        control system
        Design software:EPLAN
        Main devices:B&R X20  PLC/Danfoss converter
        Mode of networking:Information Layer-Industrial Ethernet:
        control layer-MODBUS
        SCADA software:ZENON
        Programming:structured programming
        [Main process system]

        1.Air Handle Unit(AHU) and Fan Coil Unit,etc.
        2.Circulation Cooling Water System
        3.Chiller Water System
        4.Cooling Water for Compressor Station
        5.Circulation Cooling Water System in energy center

        EPLAN drawings