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      1. Mechanical & Electrical Transmission

        Mechanical & Electrical Transmission

        Industries Involved
        Steel pipe,iron & steel,non-ferrous metal,equipment manufacturing,paper-
        making,tinplate,electronics,postal services,aviation,harbor,glass,pharmacy,food and other industries.
        Project Content
        1)Large-diameter LSAW steel pipe line(JCOE and UOE),spiral welded
        streel pipe line,high frequency resistance welded pipe line(ERW),steel pipe inner/outer anti-corrosion line,processes of oil pipe production line,basic automation,Manufacturing Execution System(MES) and power transformation and distribution system.
        2)Electrical control system of raw material plant,sintering,blast furnace,steel making,continuous casting and rollong line.
        3)Electrical control system of large equipment.
        4)Electrical control system of various transmission lines and upgrading.
        Case Studies 1   
        Comprehensive automation system for steel pipe production line

        Basic automation:involving raw material steel plate feeding and aotomatic conveyance,V-shaped roll
        bed automatic control,conveying vehicle (transverse/welding/ultrasonic/X-ray) automatic control,
        intelligent bench system,data exchange and linkage with individual devices,equipment monitoring 
        SCADA system,workshop communication networking,etc.
        Information-based production:involving steel pipe selling,raw material procurement,raw material and
        product warehouse(including shipment),manufacturing,process design,quality design and management,
        statistcal analysis,information storage and inquiry,etc.
        Power transformation and distribution:according to the power demand of main equipment,
        auxiliaries and utilties,combined with external power supply mode and wire incoming mode,
        power is supplied in levels for workshop transformation room and the field,and electrical system
        of the workshop transformation room and the field distribution system are designed in the principle
        of combining centralization and decentralization.
        Project Name:
        Comprehensive Automation Systen for JCOE LSAW Project
        Major Technical Features
        Automated and paperless production process.The customer can perform real-time monitoring on 
        the equipments,process,quality and relevant data in each manufacturing post through internet,
        and observe the production status in each workshop through real-time videos.
        Case Studies 2    
        Conveying system and feeding system of raw materials for glass production line
        Conveying system and feeding system of raw materials for glass production line
        All raw material conveying control systems except weighing system in the raw materials
        workshop,including homogenizing silo system,bucket elevator feed proportioning system
        and rest raw material conveying part.
        Tinplate shear line upgrading project
        Project summary:
        project:1#Tinplate shear line upgrading project
        top management system:Siemens PLC(S7-400)
        driving system:Siemens inveters
        Case Studies 3
        DAMF can provide various engineering services including
        engineering consulting and planning,project tendering
        and bidding,technical innovation and reconstruction,
        system maintenance outsourcing,technical training and
        operation guarante and so on in industries such as
        electronic,lighting,rubber,petrochemical,light industry,etc.
        Reconstruction project of horizontal line factory control system for PHILIPS