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      1. Motor Vehicles and Parts

        Motor Vehicles and Parts

        Business Scope
        Eletrical control system of the automobile production line for (welding,coating,general assembly)
        transmission line and equipment
        Eletrical control system of engine production transmission line and equipment
        Information management system(ANDON,AVI,MES)of the automobile and engine production line
        Eletrical assembly of automobile mould and special equipment
        Case Studies 1
        Electrical control system of the automobile production line
        System network diagram:Profinet ring network
        Program:Structured programming
        Drawing Eplan drawing

        Case Studies 2
        Electrical control system of the engine assembly line
        Case Studies 3

        Assembly line control system for automobile fuel pump
        project name:
        1、CCR(Cummins Common Rail)
        2、Celect pump/lnjector
        Project contents:
        We provided the total automation solution for this project,Design,Integrating,Program,Software developing,Test and Commissioning.