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      1. Demingfu tailors the informatization management platform for the new assembly workshop of chery jaguar land rover
        Column:Enterprise News Time:2019-03-24

        Demingfu information team has tailored the workshop information management platform for the new assembly workshop of chery jaguar land rover.

        This platform adopts the latest Java development framework and integrates workshop equipment monitoring, alarm, error prevention, process data, body tracking data, Andon data, production video data and process management documents.The system platform integrates and classifies multi-dimensional data and adopts the latest H5 technology to carry out comprehensive visual display of field production.

        Through the application and deployment of the platform, production management personnel and operation and maintenance personnel can understand the production status more intuitively and quickly and locate the problems in production quickly, providing customers with a transparent platform for factory production management and operation and maintenance, and improving the production operation and management level efficiently.